River Bar, Rotterdam

Delve into the rich culinary world of River Bar, where the essence of European catering cuisine comes alive. This unique eatery has lovingly and diligently gathered the best recipes from several European cities, through which rivers flow like lifelines. From the banks of the Thames in London to the winding waterways of Porto – River Bar brings these culinary treasures straight to your plate.

Inspired by the authentic atmosphere and refined flavours of European bars and restaurants, River Bar embodies the heart and soul of hospitality cuisine. Each dish tells a story of ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation. From robust France, through romantic Italy, to vibrant Spain and Portugal, River Bar showcases the diversity and richness of hospitality cuisine in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Qook! Horeca keuken River Bar

Details of this kitchen

In the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, you will find River Bar, a gem of culinary indulgence on the beautiful waterfront. With a varied choice of dishes, lively music and a relaxed ambience, this is a dining spot like no other. The beating heart of the establishment is the Qook! catering kitchen, strategically placed in the centre of the restaurant to offer guests a live cooking experience.

What is special about the Qook! catering kitchen is its compact, yet fully equipped circular design. The restaurant is carefully built around this kitchen, including the bar area, which is seamlessly integrated with built-in refrigeration and extensive workspace. This gives bar guests the unique privilege of observing how our chefs prepare their dishes with passion and finesse, making the Qook! catering kitchen a captivating combination of functionality and visual spectacle.

Customer: River Bar
Location: Rotterdam
Year of completion: 2023