Step-by-step plan

Qook!'s step-by-step plan for creating a custom-made commercial kitchen for professionals!

Every hospitality industry establishment or institution is different and Qook! integrates this seamlessly into the design, both figuratively and literally. Both the dimensions and choice of components are tailored specifically to your needs and aspirations for your restaurant kitchen. We do not impose any restrictions; after all, we can literally make anything.

  • Discuss your needs during an exploratory sales meeting

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    Our consultants create a wish list based on your preferences. What items do you need in the kitchen? What dimensions and routing need to be considered? Where will cooling and warming take place? From water connections to power sockets, everything is considered in advance and added to the sketch.
  • Look at your kitchen in AR

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    The kitchen has now been fully specified and all the drawings are ready. This is when we invite you to literally step into your own kitchen in Augmented Reality and check the configuration of all the elements. You can walk through the space, see where all the elements are positioned and decide whether this configuration matches your routing.
  • Production of your custom-made, high-quality kitchen

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    Our skilled metalworkers, welders and assemblers spend their working days creating custom-made professional kitchens. And, in answer to the obvious question: No, we don't reinvent the wheel every time. All the years of experience of our collective factory staff go into each and every item of kitchen furniture. This is how we create smart, user-friendly and near-indestructible kitchen solutions that delight our end customers.
  • Installation

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    The Qook! kitchen is ready to be installed and connected up on site. All the preparation work has been completed, the extraction duct is ready for use and all the connections are in the right place. In other words, this is the moment we have all worked so hard to get to.
  • Getting started in your custom-made professional kitchen

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    Once everything is in place and all the cooking elements have been connected up and are functioning as they should, our consultant and installer stop by to explain how everything works in detail. Together we go over the entire kitchen, covering all the appliances, functions and operating procedures. This ensures that you are fully informed about all the possibilities your new kitchen has to offer.
  • Maintenance

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    Proper maintenance ensures a longer life for your equipment. Inquire about the choice of maintenance contracts we offer with the Qook! kitchen.