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Qook! is the brand for custom-made catering kitchens of unparalleled quality. Convenience, modern design and reliability are in the kitchen solutions of Qook! tastefully combined with each other in a seamless stove.

Qook! is available as a wall or island installation, in straight or round custom design. The cooker is fully adapted to the wishes of the chef. Do you cook in your catering kitchen with induction, gas or both? All components are seamlessly integrated into the cooker to fit.

The Qook! cooker is very practical and hygienic due to the lack of seams, cracks and connecting strips. Design workbenches, sinks and cooker hoods complete the kitchen for the catering industry.

Open kitchens

An open kitchen is the 'heart' of your company

The trend of open kitchens continues in Cateringtown. Coziness and experience have become indispensable elements. Neither costs nor effort are saved to give the guest an unforgettable experience. The increasingly aware visitor is not only interested in the origin of the food, but also wants to see that care is taken in its preparation. In response to this, we notice that the demand for open kitchens is increasing.

Because of its design, the Qook! custom-made cooker is extremely suitable for an open kitchen. The characteristic robust, cool appearance makes the Qook! design a fitting eye-catcher in any kitchen. The cooking solutions are always seamlessly integrated in the top and the continueouss side wall and leg from the top covered all round with stainless steel also thickened to 80mm. The resulting 'frame' is unique for the Qook! design and a beautiful 'heart' of the kitchen.
Qook! Kitchen Equipment


Qook Equipment Professionals Prefer


Qook Kitchen Equipment

Open kitchens

Qook Kitchen Equipment

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Qook Kitchen Equipment

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Qook Kitchen Equipment

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