Professional commercial kitchens of unprecedented quality

Qook! is the brand for custom-made professional kitchens for the hospitality industry! Qook! is available as a wall or island arrangement, in a straight or rounded customised design, and available with worktop units, sinks and an extraction hood. It is a fully equipped kitchen for the hospitality industry.

The ‘open’ heart of your business

Open horeca keuken Qook!

A seamless design

A walk through your future kitchen in Augmented Reality

A kitchen is a major investment. So we fully understand that you want to be 100% sure of your choice. Qook! uses Augmented Reality to address and remove any remaining doubts you may have. We discuss your requirements and the capabilities you need during an exploratory meeting. When all the drawings for your specific kitchen are ready, Augmented Reality allows you to literally step into it. You can wander through the space, inspect all the elements and experience your kitchen as if it were already installed in real life.

Professionele horeca grootkeuken met inductie

“The stylishly designed open kitchen from Qook! offers a unique experience and connection with our guests. For us, it’s the provenance of the products we work with that counts, so the fact that our guests can see how we prepare them is just fantastic.”

Stadshotel, Van Rossum Woerden, Owner Ed Breuren

  • User-friendly.

    Not only do we finish the top surface in a user-friendly manner, i.e. without seams and joints, we also consider the type of use. Griddles are optionally available with a raised edge. Baking residues can easily be cleaned away and pushed to the back as a result.
  • Seamless and jointless

    A Qook! kitchen is completely seamless, with no open joints, and therefore extremely hygienic.
  • Open kitchens

    Because of its outstanding design, the Qook! custom-made stove is a real eye-catcher in your open kitchen.
  • Easy to clean

    The Qook! stove's lack of seams, gaps and connecting profiles makes it practical to use and easy to clean.
  • Custom-made

    Qook! is completely custom-made. Combinations with a whole range of components are possible.
  • Rounded corners

    Rounded corners add style and are safer.