Product information

The custom-made kitchen for professionals

Every hospitality industry establishment or institution is different and Qook! integrates this seamlessly into the design, both figuratively and literally. Our professional kitchen is fully custom-made to match your space. Both the dimensions and choice of components are tailored specifically to your wishes. Moreover, the Qook! custom-made stove’s lack of seams, gaps and connecting profiles makes it very practical and easy to clean.

Professionele maatwerk keuken

The leading restaurant kitchen in your own style

Fully equipped restaurant kitchens configured entirely in a unique style. The custom-made stove is available in wall or island configurations and in round or square designs.

The Qook! concept combines a beautiful design with user friendliness. High quality stainless steel is used and the equipment is finished with great precision. Qook! is completely seamless, without joints or nooks and crannies, and therefore extremely hygienic. This reduces your cleaning costs.

Furthermore, thanks to its unique design, a Qook! professional kitchen is not only the pride and joy of the chef, but also a pleasing and impressive sight for your guests.


Based on the ideal routing in your kitchen, you determine the layout of your kitchen, worktop units and furniture. Not only do we offer seamless and fully custom-made furniture, we also achieve synergy in the overall look & feel. A consistent design language is used for all the furniture, islands, worktop units and extraction hoods. So they are not only durable and practical, they are also simply very beautiful objects.

professionele maatwerk keuken synergie

A user-friendly, custom-made kitchen for professionals

Qook! is completely custom-made. Combinations with a whole range of components are possible. Not only is the counter top for your professional kitchen finished in a user-friendly manner due to the lack of seams and joints, it is also designed with the type of use in mind. Griddles are optionally available with a raised edge. Baking residues can easily be cleaned away and pushed to the back as a result.

  • Rounded corners

    The rounded corners of the kitchen furniture help increase safety in the workplace.
  • Easy to clean

    All elements are always seamlessly integrated into the counter top, so the stove is hygienic and easy to keep clean.
  • Custom-made

    Every Qook! kitchen is fully custom-made to make your optimal kitchen routing feasible in practice.
  • Routing

    Based on the ideal routing in your kitchen, you determine the layout of your kitchen, worktop units and furniture.
  • Open kitchens

    Thanks to outstanding design, Qook! is not just the chef's pride and joy, it is also a thing of beauty that you will want your guests to see. This custom-made kitchen is a feast for the eyes.