Nieuw Westert, Egmond-Binnen, Egmond-Binnen

At Nieuw Westert, you can enjoy nature, peace and quiet, space and our delicious dishes all year round. The kitchen staff prepares the most delicious dishes for all guests with great care and attention, adapting the menu to the seasons and using responsible products, preferably from our own region. In this restaurant, the kitchen staff cooks with a Qook! catering grand kitchen.

Nieuw Westert horeca keuken Qook

Details of this kitchen

In Nieuw Westert’s main kitchen, the entire kitchen brigade works on 3 Qook! islands, 1 wall unit and 1 dispensing pass. The fully electric kitchen has many induction plates, 1 Adieu griddle, Kiremko fryers, a hanging etagere and more.

This hanging etagere with remote cooling motor can easily be used from both sides, making the full-size kitchen even more efficient in use. Because the etagere is suspended, the worktop is larger and freer for plenty of working space. Above the refrigerated section is additional storage space for dishes, for example.

In cooperation with Qook!, the serving pass is fully integrated so that it fits seamlessly into the restaurant’s interior.

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Customer: Nieuw Westert
Location: Egmond-Binnen
Year of completion: 2021