The Qook! Maui is designed to integrate seamlessly into any hospitality concept, regardless of the style or atmosphere you want to create. Whether you run a cosy cocktail bar, a trendy lounge or a classic restaurant, this exclusive bar will adapt to your vision. Let your guests enjoy an extraordinary experience and let the bar be the shining centrepiece of your hospitality business.

About the Qook! Maui

The Qook! Maui is the epitome of versatility and class. Its subtle design and high-quality finish allow it to shine in any setting. This bar is not just another piece of furniture, but a statement of your commitment to quality and style. Every aspect of the Qook! Maui exudes craftsmanship, perfectly blending functionality and aesthetics.

In a world where first impressions are crucial, the Qook! Maui serves as an extension of your brand and vision. As a host or hostess, you want every element of your establishment to reflect your passion and commitment to excellence. The Qook! Maui reinforces this through its unique design and unparalleled usability.

Whether your guests step in for a quick bite, a sumptuous dinner or just a drink, the Qook! Maui will make them feel instantly at ease. The design invites interaction, while the thoughtful layout of the bar ensures that your staff can work efficiently and with ease.

With the Qook! Maui, you are not only choosing a stylish piece of furniture, but also an investment in the future of your catering business. Its versatility and adaptability allow it to grow with the evolution of your business.

To be made in stainless steel 316 version (resistant to salty environments)
Possible in different materials
All built-in equipment possible
In line with a catering kitchen

Als onderdeel van QBTEC’s elite-reeks van kookinstallaties, vertegenwoordigt de Qook! Maui meer dan een halve eeuw aan Europese topinnovatie en vakmanschap. Kom nu langs en transformeer uw culinaire dromen in realiteit!