What do we see a lot of in catering kitchens?

In the dynamic world of hospitality, it is essential to constantly innovate and work more efficiently. At Qook! we understand the challenges hospitality kitchens face on a daily basis. Therefore, we offer advanced, tailor-made solutions that not only improve safety and efficiency, but also contribute to sustainability and cost savings. In this blog, we explore the latest trends and technologies in catering kitchens, with a focus on electrical appliances and innovative systems.

What do we see a lot of in catering kitchens?

Electric kitchens

The move to electric kitchens is a notable trend in the hospitality industry. Entrepreneurs are increasingly opting for electric solutions because of their capacity, durability and ease of cleaning. Kiremko electric deep fryers, for example, equipped with electric elements and induction, not only offer excellent performance but are also easy to clean. Whereas cleaning a gas hob can easily take 10 minutes, cleaning an induction hob takes just 2 to 20 seconds.

Giant-capacity induction

Induction is not only energy-efficient but also extremely efficient. With planar induction, catering kitchens can use more capacity in a smaller area. This makes it possible to cook large quantities of food quickly and evenly even in smaller kitchens, without compromising on quality. This flexibility makes induction a popular choice among hospitality operators.

Innovative technologies


A combi steamer is a versatile appliance that can steam, bake, roast and even regenerate. Regeneration, the reheating or reheating of meals, provides more peace of mind and efficiency in the kitchen. Especially when cooking for large groups, the combi steamer offers a solution, as dishes can be brought to the right temperature quickly and evenly.

Alto-Shaam warming drawers

Alto-Shaam has revolutionised the way food is heated and kept warm with its Halo Heat® technology. This technology ensures dishes stay hot and flavoured for hours without losing moisture or colour. From meat and poultry to vegetables and pastries, the possibilities are endless. These warming drawers are a valuable addition to any Qook! kitchen.

Adieu griddle

The Adieu cast-iron griddle is an indispensable tool for professional chefs. This griddle is made of a single piece of cast iron, so it gets and stays up to temperature quickly. Moreover, it is easy to keep clean as there are no seams for dirt to settle in. With a cleaning time of just 15 minutes a day, the plate always stays like new.

Electric deep fryer with click-out element

The latest generation of Kiremko electric fryers are equipped with snap-out elements. This makes cleaning and maintaining the fryer easier and faster, without loss of capacity. The fryer always maintains optimum performance, contributing to a more efficient kitchen operation.

Indispensable equipment in modern catering kitchens


A salamander is an essential appliance in any professional kitchen. The reflected heat radiation is ideal for preparing and keeping dishes warm. Modern salamanders are equipped with swing-away elements and pull-out grilles, further increasing ease of use and efficiency.

Hot plate for sauces

Sauce warming plates ensure that sauces are always at the right temperature without burning. This increases speed and efficiency in the kitchen, as cooks don’t have to worry about constantly tracking the temperature. Moreover, it provides extra workspace when not in use.

Water bath grill

A water bath grill creates a beautiful grilling effect on meat, fish and poultry, enhancing the presentation of dishes. The grill is easy to clean and offers plenty of power, making it ideal for intensive use in busy kitchens.


The future of catering kitchens lies in the integration of advanced technologies and innovative solutions that promote safety, efficiency and sustainability. At Qook! we pride ourselves on our role as a leader in large-kitchen technology innovation.

  • Electric kitchens: capacity, durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Induction: energy-efficient and versatile.
  • Combisteamer: versatility and efficiency.
  • Alto-Shaam: For perfect warming results.
  • Adieu griddle: fast to temperature and easy to clean.
  • Electric fryer: snap-out elements for easy maintenance.
  • Salamander: Essential for cooking and keeping warm.
  • Hot plate for sauces: Constant temperature without burning.
  • Water bath grill: perfect presentation and easy to clean.

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At Qook! we pride ourselves on our role as a leader in large-kitchen technology innovation. Shall we think with you for once?