Refrigeration technology and remote cooling in a catering kitchen

Efficiency and ease of work. Two hugely important things to make working convenience even better. Refrigeration technology in a catering kitchen is an important issue. A total cooling solution concept is something you don’t easily think about as an entrepreneur. An expert in this field can help you to arrange all the space to your perfect routing, while also taking into account sustainability, energy costs and user-friendliness.

The right refrigeration technology

The fridge and freezer workbenches can be built into Qook! kitchens, allowing it to be used as a workbench as well. To make the catering kitchen even more efficient, a refrigerated hanging shelf is a real addition. The etagere can hold all smaller ingredients. These no longer need to be taken out of the refrigerated workbench, which means you as a chef have one less operation to perform. The refrigerated workbench therefore has plenty of space for stock. For example, if you run out of strawberries in the hanging etagere, you can easily grab a new g/n bin with strawberries for the etagere. It couldn’t be easier right?

In addition to fridge and freezer workbenches in a Qook! catering kitchen, another larger fridge and freezer is often common. Where the workbenches hold the daily necessities, the freezer will hold the weekly stock of what you will need later.

Sustainable cooling

The motor in the catering kitchen that causes the refrigeration to get cold is, oddly enough, quite warm due to being on 24/7. This heat will radiate onto the room where the motor of the refrigerator or freezer workbench is located. If this motor is in the main kitchen, the kitchen will get hotter, making it more unpleasant for kitchen staff.

Besides the heat being annoying for the chef and his crew, the cooling workbench, for example, also gets warmer by radiating heat from the engine onto the cooling workbench. This heat causes the motor to have to work harder to properly cool the cooling workbench.

Energy savings

A cooling motor cools itself automatically to prevent overheating. Qook! recommends placing the motor outside so that it is cooled by the outside temperature. This has the added advantage that the heat from the motor does not radiate into the cooling workbench, making it easier to cool it. These two benefits are not only more energy-efficient, but also cost-saving.

Less noise

By installing the motor remotely, it produces less noise in the catering kitchen. This not only creates a more pleasant working environment for the staff, but also for the guests who come to see the kitchen. Moreover, the motor does not take up any space in the catering kitchen, creating additional valuable space that the chef can fill as he or she wishes.

Cooling gases

Qook! is in a position to substitute refrigerant gases for natural refrigerants. These can be performed by Co2 or glicol. Glicol is a water-cooled plant. These installations fall into the BREAM certification and thus the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) also counts for these installations.

Around refrigeration technology, the experts at Qook! can provide anyone with advice!