VISTA, Willemstad

Beautifully situated on the tip of the Havenhoofd quay in Willemstad, VISTA offers a spectacular view of Hollands Diep and Willemstad’s marina. In the restaurant, which has been awarded a Michelin star, you can enjoy a gourmet lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.


Details of this kitchen

The partially open kitchen follows a French-style layout, with three islands arranged as a peninsula. A pass unit runs the full length of the kitchen. A heated shelf hangs above the pass unit, making the most of the available space. The air control technology consists of an extractor with induction. The air is filtered directly into the system and the resulting clean air is then blown back into the room. The result? Constant air quality and a pleasant working environment. Everything , from the sink station to the cold rooms and from the worktop units to the air control technology, was supplied and installed by Qook!

Would you like to have dinner or visit VISTA sometime? Then check out the website here.

Customer: Vista Restaurant Food Bar
Location: Willemstad
Year of completion: 2018