Golfclub De Kroonprins, Vianen

Feeling peckish or thirsty before or after your 18 holes of golf? Or were you walking or cycling past and decided to stop for refreshments? In the beautiful clubhouse of Golf Club De Kroonprins in Vianen, there is more than enough room for anyone wanting to join us for snacks and drinks. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and in the summer you can take a seat on the outdoor patio and enjoy the breathtaking view.

horeca keuken Vianen

Details of this kitchen

This kitchen layout in a U configuration contains integrated cooking components for maximum efficiency when preparing meals. A free-standing kitchen island is located in the middle. This custom-made kitchen features induction, a large integrated griddle, deep fryer units, a water bath grill, rounded corners, a raised faucet, refrigerated drawers and a warming cabinet for dinnerware. Everything has been thought out in detail and skilfully integrated in this beautiful open kitchen.

Would you like to play golf at GolfClub De Kroonprins? Then check out the website here.

Customer: Golfclub De Kroonprins
Location: Vianen
Year of completion: 2019