DUO Eten & Drinken, The Hague

DUO Eten & Drinken, a popular venue for food and drinks, is located on Keizerstraat in The Hague. The name DUO is a reference to the two sisters, Tessa and Amber, who run the restaurant. You can come here for a delicious lunch, refreshing drinks or dinner. The girls are always friendly and cheerful, and you really feel appreciated as a guest. And if you come at the right time, you will also see the two sisters’ father cooking behind the Qook! wall unit. And you can bring your kids in with you without second thoughts. The sisters have created a perfect space for them to play to their heart’s content while you enjoy all the delicious food on offer!

Qook horeca keukens duo den haag

Details of this kitchen

This Qook! wall unit features a lowered extraction hood fan to provide storage space above the oven. With its robustly designed edges, the wall unit has that sturdy look so typical of Qook!. The wall unit includes a fryer and fish steamer, an Adieu griddle, a worktop area, a bain-marie and a platform for the combi steamer. In addition, the kitchen is equipped with a fully automatic grease filtration system. In short, a practical and robust kitchen wall unit equipped with everything a chef needs to produce delicious meals while entertaining his audience.

Customer: DUO Eten & Drinken, Van Houten Family
Location: The Hague
Year of completion: 2016