Broederenklooster Boutique Hotel, Zutphen

The Broederenklooster, one of the oldest buildings in Zutphen, offers a unique opportunity to go back in time to the year 1200. The former 13th-century dormitory has now been converted into 15 comfortable guest rooms, where you can completely unwind. Moreover, you can enjoy the culinary delights of Qook!’s open kitchen, the extensive wine selection, home-brewed beers or refreshing gin tonics!

Restaurant Broederenklooster horeca keuken op maat

Details of this kitchen

The open kitchen in Broederenklooster Boutique Hotel is fully incorporated into the interior. The kitchen is a real eye-catcher when guests enter the restaurant. Besides the restaurant and guest rooms, there are also large rooms that can be hired by groups. These groups are also served from the Qook! kitchen.

An additional element of this Qook! catering kitchen is that it is located in a listed building. Because of the customisation, all the furniture fits seamlessly into the monumental building. The extractor hood has been made black so that it blends in wonderfully with the interior. This electric Qook! kitchen is going to give the Broederenklooster restaurant a lot of goodies!

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Customer: Hotel Broederenklooster
Location: Zutphen
Year of completion: 2021

“This perfect quality kitchen enables me to prepare the best quality dishes”

Boutique Hotel Broederenklooster, Zutphen, chef Niels van Dooijeweert