Beachclub Wantveld, Katwijk

Beachclub Wantveld is a cosy and lively beach pavilion located on the northernmost stretch of the sandy beach of Katwijk aan Zee. Come and enjoy our open kitchen, where you can watch every skilful move our passionate chefs make as they prepare your order with love. Home-made bread baked on the floor of our oven, or delicious lobster, or one of our Man Burgers or Lady Burgers.

beachclub wantveld

Details of this kitchen

This open kitchen features two wall-mounted units equipped with a Kiremko deep fryer and a work platform with a refrigerated salad counter. The worktop unit is fitted with refrigerated drawers. There is a large kitchen island arrangement in the middle. All the cooking components are matched to the routing created in the kitchen. From an Adieu griddle to an induction stove and from a handy pan rack to storage drawers. Nothing, not one single item, has been left out! All three items of kitchen furniture have a front shelf for presentation, illuminated with LED lighting.

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Customer: Beachclub Wantveld
Location: Katwijk aan Zee
Year of completion: 2018