The sleek and stylish design of the Qook! Kiribati symbolises modern elegance and craftsmanship. Every detail of this beautiful cooking unit has been carefully designed, making it an unmistakable presence in your kitchen. As soon as your guests step inside, the Qook! Kiribati will undoubtedly catch their eye and take their breath away.

Explanation of this model

But the Qook! Kiribati is more than just pleasing to the eye. It combines form and function in a way that enhances and facilitates your culinary experiences. It allows you to effortlessly prepare impressive dishes that will impress your guests. The confluence of innovation and aesthetics in the Qook! Kiribati allows you to shine in both culinary and design terms.

Let your kitchen become the scene of unforgettable dinner parties and convivial gatherings, with the Qook! Kiribati as the shining centrepiece. This masterpiece is not only a functional kitchen piece, but also an artistic statement that enhances and enriches the atmosphere and class of your home. Every dinner or party in your home will become an experience to remember, with the Qook! Kiribati as the beating heart of your culinary space.

This piece of furniture is designed with an eye for elegance and functionality, making it not only a handy addition to your kitchen, but also an impressive design element.

An eye-catcher for any home
Available in island and wall models
The quality of a catering kitchen
Available in any colour

As part of QBTEC’s elite range of cooking equipment, the Qook! Kiribati represents more than half a century of top European innovation and craftsmanship. Visit now and transform your culinary dreams into reality!