How do you clean an Adieu griddle?

A clean workplace works best. When cleaning the kitchen, the Adieu griddle can’t be left behind, of course. Apart from the fact that a clean workplace is pleasant to work in, it also benefits the products prepared on the griddle. Read here in brief how to clean your griddle.

The right temperature

To keep the griddle clean, set the temperature to 50 degrees Celsius. This temperature makes cleaning products work better. If the temperature of the griddle gets too high, the cleaning products and water will later evaporate.

The splash edges

To properly include all corners in the cleaning, it is recommended to remove all splash edges or other removable parts from the griddle. The splash edges of an Adieu griddle, for example, are easy to remove from the griddle. These can then be cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand.

Sealing the opening

If there is an opening on the griddle, it must first be sealed to ensure that Adieu cleaner does not get lost in it. There is a sealing plug in each Adieu griddle to prevent this. It can be found in the Adieu webshop.

Adieu cleaner

Spread the Adieu cleaner over the griddle and make sure it is well absorbed.

One Adieu griddle requires 1 DL Adieu cleaner. This should also soak in for 15 minutes. This removes all residue from the griddle.

After the cleaning products has soaked into the griddle, the opening can be made up again and the cleaning products wiped off with a spatula. Then rinse the baking tray well with water and wipe the water into the opening as well. Make sure all the liquid fits into the collection tray. Otherwise, it should be emptied in between.

Finally, dry the Adieu baking tray.

Coat the plate with Sigril

Each time before use, it is recommended to grease the Adieu griddle with Adieu Sigril. The Adieu Sigril provides an extra protective layer that makes products lying on the plate even less likely to burn.

The best thing for the cooled Adieu griddle is to clean it once or twice a week after use. This keeps the griddle at its best in use. Should you not use Adieu, flavour transfer will take place on the griddle. Cleaning them daily will minimise this.

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A clean workplace works best.