Automatic grease filtration in a commercial kitchen

Safety and efficiency are the cornerstones of any successful large-scale kitchen. At Qook! we understand this like no other and continue to innovate to provide the best solutions for professional kitchens. One of our latest innovations is automatic grease filtering with the FC5 control, designed to both increase safety and improve staff convenience. In this blog, we explore the benefits of automatic grease filters.

Automatic grease filtering: how does it work?

Qook!’s automatic grease filtration system is built into your existing commercial kitchen equipment. Using the intuitive FC5 control, you can easily manage filtering. The system is fully automated, minimising manual intervention. This means staff no longer have to move heavy grease drums, which significantly reduces the risk of hot grease accidents and spills.

Staff convenience and safety

One of the biggest advantages of automatic grease filtration is increased staff convenience. The intuitive controls make the system easy to operate, even for employees without a technical background. This allows them to concentrate on other important tasks in the kitchen.

In addition, this system significantly improves safety in commercial kitchens. Traditional methods of grease processing often require staff to move hot and heavy grease drums, posing risks. With automatic grease filtration, these risks are eliminated as the system processes and filters the grease directly without the intervention of an employee. This not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also ensures a cleaner working environment.

Fat saving and health

Automatic grease filtering also offers significant fat-saving benefits. The system removes crumbs and other contaminants from the fat, keeping it usable for longer. This prevents burnt crumbs, which can be harmful to health, from getting into the food. By keeping grease clean, your commercial kitchen will save on grease replacement costs and contribute to healthier food preparation.

Efficiency and cost savings

Using automatic grease filters increases efficiency in your commercial kitchen. By reducing the time normally spent on fat replacement, employees can focus on other tasks. This leads to higher productivity and a smoother and faster work process.

In addition, the cost savings on grease replacement and reduced maintenance provide a positive impact on operations. The investment in automatic grease filters quickly pays for itself through lower operating costs and longer grease life.

Innovative technology: the FC5 controller

The FC5 control is an intuitive and advanced touchscreen control that makes using automatic grease filters easy and efficient. A user-friendly interface allows employees to accurately monitor and adjust filtration processes. This ensures optimal system operation and maximises the benefits for your catering kitchen.


The introduction of automatic grease filtration with the FC5 control in commercial kitchens offers numerous advantages, from increased safety and staff convenience to grease savings and cost reduction. Qook! remains at the forefront of innovation, providing our customers with the most advanced and reliable mass catering solutions.

  • Automatic grease filtering: Improved safety and reduced tasks for staff.
  • Intuitive FC5 control: easy to operate and monitor.
  • Grease saving: Removes contaminants, such as crumbs, for longer grease life.
  • Health: Prevents harmful burnt crumbs in food.
  • Cost savings: Reduces replacement costs of frying fat and increases efficiency.

Are you interested in how Qook! can transform your commercial kitchen with our innovative solutions? Contact us today for more information or a consultation on how we can improve your hospitality operations. Our team of experts is ready to help you make your kitchen safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Using automatic grease filters increases efficiency in your commercial kitchen.