It doesn’t matter if it’s about maintenance, technical failure, expansion of the business or replacement of old kitchen equipment, our service team available 24/7. Our service does not stop after installing the kitchen.

The entire team is experienced and trained to detect and fix any technical failures.


New phone number for the service team: 088 4576060

We like to be hands-on and help you as quickly as possible, therefore, we have a new direct service phone number.


You can now directly contact our service specialists for ordering parts, planning maintenance or to call in technical difficulties. Because decent service is essential for your high quality technical equipment. Capable mechanics can be on site in no-time. The phone number might have changed but we haven’t changed the trusted QBTEC service.


Make a maintenance agreement – As your cooker gets older, technical difficulties can become more frequent.

  • Regular maintenance reduces the risk of technical failure
  • Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your equipment

In case a technical failure does present itself, there are multiple options to consider. (see next article).


If you have option 2 you do not have to pay labour and call out fees, for the duration of your contract. You only pay for the materials that are used for the repair.
If you have a maintenance agreement with option 3 you don’t have to pay for materials either. Attention: a lot of insurance companies require a maintenance for their policies.

It’s better to err on the side of safety and make a maintenance agreement with QBTEC.