The Qook! Concept

In addition to the many technological aspects, Qook! is fit with beautiful design. Qook! is available as a round or rectangular model and can be delivered with matching design work benches, sinks and extraction hoods.
Completely furnished kitchen with a unique style. The cooker is available in an island or wall-side setting and with round or rectangular design.

Every catering business or restaurant is different and Qook! can fit literally seamless in any setting. The cooker is completely made to measure. The size as well as the integration of the components are specifically adjusted to your wishes and possibilities.

In the concept of Qook!, nice design is combined with functionality. The product is made of high quality stainless steel and has a precise finish. Qook! is completely seamless and is therefore very sanitary and will save you cleaning costs.  Because of its unique design, Qook! is not only the pride of the chef, but also an eyecatcher for the customers.

User friendly

Qook! is fully custom made. Many different components can be combined. The Qook! is very user friendly. The surface is easy to use because of the lack of seams and griddles are available with a collection edge so that baking residue can easily be cleaned.



Qook! is completely controlled by one modern control panel. It is even possible for the device to remember the most used settings. The various components of the device can be controlled by regular touch screens or by nice stainless steel knobs.


Diamond griddle or 'Plancha'

The special Diamond griddle is developed by main company QBTEC. The griddle itself is hardened by being baked. This ensures that food doesn’t stick to it and there is no transfer of smells. Furthermore, the Diamond griddle can be heated quickly with its nine separately controllable areas. Of course, Qook! is also available with the regular Plancha.

Download the general Qook! brochure here.