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Kiremko frying oven for Het Wantveld in Katwijk

Kiremko frying oven for Het Wantveld in Katwijk

The nicest kitchen in Katwijk is found in beach pavilion Het Wantveld.  

March 2016; The Schadde van Doorn family has chosen a fully open Qook! kitchen with a high capacity Kiremko frying oven. The whole is integrated in the Qook! design edition. A Qook! cooker, a Kiremko frying oven and a Qook! design work bench. Because of the open floorplan, the kitchen adds to the restaurant experience.

In the separate Island you can find an induction cooktop and a meter wide Adieu griddle. This cast-iron griddle has a very big capacity and prevents flavour transfer of dishes. The Kiremko frying oven has, apart from the high capacity frying pans, 2 special fish fryers. These are ideal for preparing ‘kibbeling’. 

According to the chefs, this Qook! kitchen is a joy to work in. There is more interaction with the guests because they aren’t invisible behind a wall.  

Experience the new cooking in Wantveld. Be surprised by the new menu and the friendly welcome.